Pisan June

The Pisan june

Date : 2018 February 2nd
The Pisan June is a set of events that have as their fulcrum the celebrations for the patron saint San Ranieri, on 17 June. Originally it only gathered the luminara on the eve of the festival and the Palio di San Ranieri, as well as, once every four years, the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics. In order to create a month of interesting events, the game of the bridge challenge was also moved to this month. Over time many other events have been added, more or less linked to traditions or to the Saint. Worthy of note are the recovered traditions of Mazzascudo and the Marriage with the Sea which take place one at the end of May and the other at the beginning of July, as if to open and close the events of the Pisan June. Find out more...
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